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The Vision is Green

       First of all, I love Earth, the planet that we call home. I have become aware of how much help our planet needs. I believe that everybody must join forces and save the planet that we love. I recently finished an 18 month project that involved building a 100% energy free “Green” Environmental Center for my Girl Scout Gold Award, now proudly named, Lorax Lodge. The center was constructed using a “Compressed Earth Block” (CEB) method of construction. Specifically I used MegablocksTM a creation of EarthCo Building Systems.  The Center is located at Girl Scout Camp Rio Blanco in Crosbyton, Texas and open to all children that live in the Texas South Plains.
       The children that visit Lorax Lodge will be educated about environmental issues; have opportunities for creative hands on activities; and will be exposed to the beautiful nature at Camp Rio Blanco. Everything has been created for a fun child friendly atmosphere. I believe that if we start teaching “Green” concepts at earlier ages all children will start living with the same green attitudes. Who knows, they might end up saving the planet in their own little way and every little effort makes a big difference.

October, 2009