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February “The Month of Love”

Dedication 10-11-09 Rodgers (21)I hope everyone has been enjoying the month of LOVE but unlike Valentines Day that only comes once a year, being environmentally friendly happens each and every day. Living “green” is a lifestyle change and commitment.

So for my tip of the month… instead of buying fresh cut flowers for a special occasion such as Valentines Day, a Birthday or Anniversary, buy a plant that can be re-planted outside when the weather is warmer. Your gift could possibly live for several years versus a few days. Also, Valentines Day cards are great to receive but don’t throw them in the trash – remember to recycle them, too.

The picture in this month’s blog is a water recycling barrel that is being used at Lorax Lodge. This is a great way to use rain water for a slow drip irrigation system for your own yard and garden. I thought you might want to see how great they look as you start planning your spring and summer gardens.

Enjoy the rest of February!  Sarah Jo