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Hey   Everyone,
      I am combining my March and April blogs.  This is a super busy time of the year for me but I  wanted to do something special to celebrate EARTH WEEK!  I also wanted to let you all know that my project, The Vision is Green, has been recognized and I will be receiving the Presidential Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) in Washington DC.  I am super excited and really proud to receive the award as a reflection of the hard work and commitment that so many made in helping me build Lorax Lodge and to bring my vision of green to the Texas South Plains. 

     The picture this month is in front of the hiking trail I made that leads to Lorax Lodge.  It is a steep  1/4 mile hike and is beautiful in the late Spring with all the wild flowers.  I named it Rattler Trail for the very cool rattle snake I found on my trail last Spring. 

We dream of greener pastures
and dream of clear blue skies;
We dream of climbing mountains
and on occasion, we hope to rise.

But sometimes as we go along;
we might forget what is right and what is wrong.

We might forget when we had nothing
and only had the land to rely;
Soon our money will run out
and dreams may say good-bye.

So in vain this attempt may seem–
all I ask is don’t forget your dreams!

March & April Green Tip
Just have a super Spring and celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.  Send me a note sometime because I would love to hear from you.
Sarah Jo