Thank You Girls Life Magazine!

     I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Amelia Island Plantation.  I was the first place winner in 2010 of the Girls Life Magazine “Project Girls Gone Green.”  This was a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful environment with my family.  Amelia Island Plantation was a dream and we enjoyed our trip during my Spring Break.  It was a breathtaking area.  I kayaked in the marshes, collected sea shells along the beach, and explored the wonders of nature.

     It felt like such an honor to be in front of such beauty; it was almost magical.  Every sunset and ocean wave that I saw just reminded me of how important it is to continue our efforts to protect our environment.  This adventure that I was set upon just proves that the world is our playground, but to continue to play we must protect the grounds that we inhabit.

     To continue seeing the natural beauties of the world we must continue to preserve it and enjoy all the world has to offer.  Thank you again, Girls Life for the amazing trip to Amelia Island Plantation and I will continue to work as an advocate of our environment and inspire others to do the same.

April, 2011


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