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Coca-Cola Scholar 2011

     In April I travelled to Atlanta, Georgia as a 2011 Coca-Cola Scholar.  As you might suspect, I met 250 of the most amazing teenagers in the United States and now some of my best friends.  They were all passionate people determined to make the world a better place.  During the four day extravaganza I realized the world is in very good hands because there are so many people that care and are willing to take action.

   Even at age three I was already thinking about Coca-Cola.  My mom thought it was my destiny to be a 2011 scholar.  (Mom’s are like that!)

   While in Atlanta, we were involved in a community service project.  We worked in small groups and painted rain barrels that would be auctioned on E-bay as a fund raising campaign for the Coca-Cola Scholar’s Foundation.

  Thank you again Coca-Cola!