Going Green

How it all began. 
       I have never had to be motivated to do volunteer work.  When I was a young child I was raised that we all must give back to others.  As a Girl Scout, our Promise and Law specifically states, “to help people at all times,” “use resources wisely,” and “to make the world a better place.”  My project specifically incorporates the Girl Scout Promise and Law which is the true foundation for my project.  I also think it is important to mention that I would not have had an opportunity to create a project of this magnitude without the support of the Girl Scouts.  The personal and leadership skills that I have developed as a scout have also given me the confidence to pursue my dream and goal of making the world a better place.  
       On the other hand and simply stated, Dr. Seuss inspired me to take action.  As a child, Dr. Seuss was the hero of my fantasy stories.  As a teenager, I have discovered that there is more to Dr. Seuss then poetry; there are messages.  The Lorax is the most significant and speaks to me personally.  “I speak for the trees”, said the Lorax and that is exactly what I am doing.  Thus, I wanted to create a project that would show my love and respect for Earth, the planet that we call home.  I believe that children must know what it is like to experience and live in a “green” healthy world and my project creates that type of environment.  I have become aware of how much help our planet needs.  I believe that everybody must join forces and save the planet that we love. 

An Environmental Need
I have always been concerned about the environment and that we are not doing enough as a society to protect our fragile earth.  Interestingly, what became evident in my research is that those wanting us to all start living and thinking GREEN were not putting enough emphasis on providing something green that was tangible for young children to experience.  Remember, from a child’s mind, thinking green and actually seeing or living green would be two very different things.  Therefore, it has been my vision and my belief that in order to change our perception of living green it would be imperative to have a child friendly green environment for children to experience.
       My project, The Vision is Green, specifically addressed environmental education.  I built an 850 square foot, 100% energy free educational environmental center that embraces the issues that my generation is facing and will continue to face in the upcoming years.  Thus, it is imperative as a society we educate everyone about the fragile eco-structure of our earth.  If we don’t take a proactive approach in tackling the environmental issues, the deterioration of the ozone will unfortunately continue to grow.  According to some of the statistics I found in my research… 80% of the world’s forests are gone; 40% of our waterways are undrinkable; 2% of the world’s water supply is drinkable; the United States produces 72% of all hazardous waste; the United States consumes 33% of the world’s paper; and 70,000 people in the United States will die prematurely from heart and lung disease from air pollution.  When I completed my research I knew that these few statistics were not only alarming but would serve as the basis and justification for a project like mine to immediately create an Educational Environmental Center for the Girl Scouts and children of the Texas South Plains.  Thus, Lorax Lodge was created and has become the perfect setting to teach children about environmental issues.  My building is amazing!


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