What is an EarthCo MegablockTM?
    Many people have asked me, “What is an EarthCo MegablocksTM?”  I usually refer to them as super huge blocks of dirt that had all the moisture sucked out.  But really they are just a “cool” creation of EarthCo Building Systems  My friends at EarthCo., Larry Williamson and Gary Hames, will tell you they are very similar to Compressed Earth Block (CEB) construction.  
     EarthCo MegablocksTM provides a low cost, environmentally friendly, natural alternative to conventional building materials.  The primary objective is to simplify the construction process as well as increase the speed of construction and most importantly build with the most environmentally friendly material available, mother earth!  The EarthCo MegablocksTM used in Lorax Lodge were 10’ long and weighed about 1 ton each.  I have added some pictures of “The Machine” and the early stages of the building process.  If you have any questions, you can contact EarthCo.

MegablocksTM coming off The Machine!

Moving the MegablockTM to the site.

Early stage of construction


Applying slurry.


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