February “The Month of Love”

Dedication 10-11-09 Rodgers (21)I hope everyone has been enjoying the month of LOVE but unlike Valentines Day that only comes once a year, being environmentally friendly happens each and every day. Living “green” is a lifestyle change and commitment.

So for my tip of the month… instead of buying fresh cut flowers for a special occasion such as Valentines Day, a Birthday or Anniversary, buy a plant that can be re-planted outside when the weather is warmer. Your gift could possibly live for several years versus a few days. Also, Valentines Day cards are great to receive but don’t throw them in the trash – remember to recycle them, too.

The picture in this month’s blog is a water recycling barrel that is being used at Lorax Lodge. This is a great way to use rain water for a slow drip irrigation system for your own yard and garden. I thought you might want to see how great they look as you start planning your spring and summer gardens.

Enjoy the rest of February!  Sarah Jo


Greenivate Your New Year

It’s the New Year and resolutions are going to be made whether you keep them or not. But maybe this year you will have a new spark in your step and passion in your heart to follow through with your resolution to waste less and protect our beautiful planet.
There are many things that you can do to make the world a greener and cleaner place! I would like to challenge each of you to take on two or three things this year that you did not do in 2009. Let’s get the new decade off to a great start with less pollution. And, I am going to help you by offering a GREEN tip each month to my Blog site. Remember, it’s all up to you! But together we can make our world a greener place to live.

January Green Tip: UNPLUG! After you have charged your cell phone, unplug the charger from the electrical socket.

Thank You for Everything!

I would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their generosity.
84 Lumber, Inc. – Pete Cantu, Lubbock, TX
Acme Brick, Lubbock, TX – Andy Anderson, Mgr.
Airgas Southwest, Lubbock, TX
Alderson-Subaru, Lubbock, TX – Workshop Sponsor
Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Texas Tech University
     Monica Archuleta
     Blake Lannom
     Macy Layne
     Joseph Silva
     Ronnie Gilkey
     Layne Burner
     Patrick Tran
     Kyla Yakabowskas
     Annie Lin
     Jay Davis
     Katrina Stephens
     James Drake
     Adam Wilkinson
     Mariana Garcia
     Michael Kleine
American Clay, Inc. – Interior Wall Finish
     Carol Baumgartel, Albuquerque, NM
     Janet Elitch, Albuquerque, NM
     Matt Coker, Lubbock, TX
     Vincent Sanchez, Lubbock, TX
     Victor Escamilla, Lubbock, TX
     DeAnn Stringer, Lubbock, TX
     Grace Laski, Lubbock, TX
     Melvin Laski, MD, Lubbock, TX
     Melissa Howard, Lubbock, TX
     Judy Rainger, Lubbock, TX
     Kellie Kelly, Amarillo, TX
     Pam Allison, Canyon, TX
Andy Gray, MD, Lubbock, TX
Armadillo Camera, Lubbock, TX
Asco Equipment, Lubbock, TX
Bee Equipment & Machinery Lubbock, TX
Beef O’Brady’s, Lubbock, TX
Bill & Sharon Derby, Council Bluffs, IA
Blue Crickett Graphic Design, Lubbock, TX
Bolton Oil Company – Charles Bolton, Lubbock, TX
Brittany Savage, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Bruce Thornton Air-Conditioning, Lubbock, TX
Candy Haymes, Lubbock, TX – Advisory Committee
Charles Frater, Crosbyton, TX – Welder
City of Lubbock – Melanie Mallory
Cletis Williamson, Ranger, TX – volunteer
Contractor’s Choice Supply, Lubbock, TX
Cornerstone Group, Lubbock, TX – Dedication Production
     Monica and Farris Hightower
Craig Wallace Construction, Lubbock, TX
Crosby County Commissioners
Crosbyton Lion’s Club
Crosbyton Middle School – volunteers
     Mr. Tommy Rodgers, Instructor
     Lance Fox
     Jonathan Castro
     Robert Vernon
     Jon Silva
     Julio Calderon
     Eli Henry
     Reymundo Salinas
     Alfie Favela
     Azemy Parra
     Alex Flores
     Robert Payner
     Rudy Garza
     Andrew George
     Cassidy Pesina
     Kayla Moreno
     Blake Mullins
Dakota Lemon, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Danny & Kim Owens, Lubbock
David & Janet Tucker, Lubbock, TX
Dea Window & Doors, Lubbock, TX – John Dea, Owner
Dennis Covington, Crosbyton, TX – volunteer
Digital Base, Lubbock, TX – web site design
Jordan Polk, Lubbock, TX
Dillon, Jack, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store, Lubbock, TX
DoSomething, Inc., New York, NY – Environmental Grant
dubroWorks, Mariana Del Ray, CA – publicity
     Julie DuBrow
     Rosette Pambakian
Dustin Wright, Lubbock, TX – Design Committee
Dusty Cornelius, Mayor Crosbyton, TX
Ethan Williamson, Ranger, TX – volunteer
EarthCo Building Systems* – PRICELESS
     Larry Williamson
     Gary Hames

Ed Iron’s Middle School- Student Council, Lubbock, TX
     (Environmental DVDs and books)
Ed Iron’s Middle School- NJHS
Ediblemetals, Lubbock, TX
     Kate Williams
     Charise Adams
Egenbacher Real Estate, Lubbock, TX
Electracom Supply, Inc. – Lubbock, TX
Ellen Robertson, Lake in the Hills, IL
Fast Signs, Lubbock, TX
Frank Falbo, Lubbock, TX – PRICELESS
Frank Moore, Crosbyton, TX
Gary Hamersley, Crosbyton, TX
Gebos, Lubbock, TX – Marshall Holmes, Mgr.
Georgia-Pacific, Sweetwater, TX
Girl Scouts Gold Alliance Committee, Lubbock, TX
     Jan Taylor, Chairperson
     Kathy Appleton
     Vicki Gentry
     Carla Moore
     Ann Sanders
     Paula Wilkinson
Girl Scouts-Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc.
GS Troop 6846 – Shelby Hernandez – brochure
GS Troop 6846 – Jaime Garcia – brochure
GS Troop 6846 – Teresa Rice – brochure
GS Troop 6326 – Sydney Long – volunteer
GS Troop 6326 – Natalie Upp – volunteer
GS Troop 6326 – Dolores Upp – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Taylor Bradberry – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Megan Laird-Dillon – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Aislynn Threet – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Christa Threet – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Jaleigh Marett – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Marnie Bradberry – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Dusti Dillon-Stoner – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – De’Ann Porr – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – MaRanda Porr – volunteer
GS Troop 6069 – Kasey Porr – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Laura Bryan – rain barrels
GS Troop 6347 – Madison Bryan – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Ramsey Oglesby – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Addison Fuller – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Raelee McDonald – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Rachel Bradley – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Hallie Brown – volunteer
GS Troop 6347 – Lauren Gallagher – volunteer
GS Troop 6109 – Laura Bennett – rain barrel
GS Troop 6109 – Parker Bennett – rain barrel
GS Troop 6109 – Kennedy Rodriguez – rain barrel
GS Troop 6109 – Kristi Rodriguez – rain barrel
GS Troop 6446 – First aide kit
GS Great Escape Weekend 2010
Grace Laski, Lubbock, TX – Gold Award Advisor
Grainger Industrial Supply – Tim Harleson, Lubbock, TX
Great Plains Steel, Lubbock, TX
Greer Electric, Lubbock, TX
Habitat for Humanity, Lubbock, TX
Hamilton Acoustical, Lubbock, TX
     Matthew Henley
     Michael Teague
     Greg Sanders
     Thomas Espinoza
     Ray Cunningham
     Martin Valencia
Hamilton Roofing, Lubbock, TX
Hallgren Company, Lubbock, TX – Mark Hallgren, Owner
Harbor Freight, Lubbock, TX
Hartman Roofing, Lubbock, TX – The Roof
Home Depot, Lubbock, TX
     Team Depot
     Jamie Reed
     TJ Smith
     Austin Ganaway
     Chase McKenzie
     Elvira Lara
Interstate Batteries, Lubbock, TX – Carl Coleman
J. Ferg Roofing and Foam, Lubbock, TX – foam insulation
     Craig Katilus
     Jeremy Yost
     Robert Wilson
     Joe Lara
Jack Dillon, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Jere & Alan Newton, Lubbock, TX
Jerry & Karen Williamson, Eastland, TX – volunteers
Jim & Karen Higgins, Lubbock, TX
Kenny Jones, Crosbyton, TX
KCBD- News Channel 11, Lubbock, TX
L Howard Construction, Abernathy, TX – Lonnie & Jackie Howard
Laura Covington, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Leah Sides, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, Boulder, Co
     Kate Bullock & Tracy Howard – kick-off workshop
     David Winter, Director, Boulder, CO
Little Red Nursery, Lubbock, TX – Tree
Lolah Grimes, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
LoneStar State Bank, Lubbock, TX
Lori Mears, Lubbock, TX – Design Committee
Lowes Corporation, Moresville, NC – Community Grant
Lowes, Lubbock, TX
Lubbock Avalanche Journal – media coverage
Lubbock Labs, Inc., Lubbock, TX
      Amy DeLavan
     Della Falbo
Matthew & Maureen Lambert – My Parents
Matthew Lambert II, Lincoln, NE
Melinda Earl, Lubbock, TX – Advisory Committee
Melissa Grimes, Lubbock, TX – Advisory Committee
Melissa Sides, Lubbock, TX – volunteer
Mika W. Watt, Lubbock, TX
Miranda Williamson, Ft. Worth, TX – volunteer
MSA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mt. Hideaway, Lubbock, TX – workshop sponsors
     Kyle Jones
     Zach Meixner
Muleshoe Valley, Muleshoe, TX
Natalie Harvill, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Lubbock, TX
Pacific Enzymes, Sacramento CA
Patricia Henry, Levelland, TX
Pella, Inc., Lubbock
Plains Capital Bank, Lubbock, TX – Community Grant
Pyco Industries, Lubbock, TX
Office Max Corporation, Naperville, IL
OL Slaton Middle School-NJHS, Lubbock, TX
Oriental Trading Company, Omaha, Nebraska
     Karen Alexander, Marketing Director
Orlando’s and Caprock Café, Lubbock, TX
Quick Stripe, Lubbock, TX
Rafter D Whitetails – James and Melinda Dixon, Crosbyton TX
Ramona Leach, Lubbock, TX
Ronald & Judy Rainger, Lubbock, TX – volunteers
Ray Falbo, Lubbock, TX, volunteer
R.D. Electric – Lubbock, Texas
Robert Heath Trucking Company, Lubbock, TX
     Jody Heath
     Mike Reeves
     Jimmy & Terri Shankle, Boerne, TX
Ronald Jones, Lubbock, TX
RSC Equipment, Lubbock, TX
Rubber Flooring, Inc., Gilbert, AZ
     Tony Schmidt, General Mgr.
Ruth Krieg, Lubbock, TX
Ruth Reynolds, Lubbock, TX
Sam’s Club, Arkansas – Community Grant
Sarah Gragson, Lubbock, TX
Science Spectrum – James Nesmith, Lubbock, TX
Seventh Generation, Burlington, Vermont
Solar Dynamics, San Antonio, TX
South Plains Electric Cooperative, Lubbock, TX – Grant
      Lynn Simmons, Community Relations Director
Staples, Inc., Lubbock, TX
Stanley McNeely, Crosbyton, TX – welder
Stanley Proto, Dallas, TX
Steel Depot, Lubbock, TX
Steel Truss & Frame Fabricators
     Ryan Tubbs, Lubbock, TX
Stella’s – Billy Rizzo, Lubbock, TX
SuddenLink Communications – 3 year web-site sponsor
     Tracy Edwards, Lubbock, TX
Summer Littlejohn, Lubbock, TX – Mentor-Priceless
Sutherland Lumber, Lubbock, TX
TG Trees, Lubbock, TX 2010
Teinert Metals, Lubbock, TX
Terry Kirk, Crosbyton, TX
Texas Tech University, Environmental Engineering & Masonry Students
     Dr. Mukaddes Darwish, Instructor
     John Gutierrez
     Donald Wakefield
     Derek Rodriguez
     Andrew George
     Shaffer Braun
     Robert Payner
     Byron Cornelius
     Simeon Urende
     Alan Trammell
     Dawson Adams
     Adam Rogers
     Andrew Woelke
     Jerred Trimm
     Albert Vickers
     Brian Rademacher
     Scott Kahler II
     Scott Thomas
Tina Mann, Lubbock, TX – GS Support
Tom’s Tree Place, Lubbock, TX
Travis & Katie Rubelee, Lubbock, TX
Trumble Cranes & Rigging
     Charles Trumble, Lubbock, TX
Tyler Foundation, Dallas, TX – Community Grant
Tyler Technology, Lubbock, TX
United Supermarkets, Lubbock, TX – Community Grant
Veronica Estrada, Lubbock, TX
United Rental, Lubbock, TX – Wesley Rose, Mgr
Williamson Interiors, Lubbock, TX
     Ruben Castillo
     Susie Williamson
WW Steel, Lubbock, TX
Xcel Energy, Lubbock, TX – Community Grant
Steve Deaton, Community Relations Director
X-Stream Auto Clean, Lubbock, TX
Yellowhouse Machinery, Lubbock, TX

I’m Learning

     I hope ya’ll will be patient with me as I learn how to navigate wordpress.  It may take me awhile to get the hang of things.  I did want everyone to know that I have been getting the final paper work finished on my project and still writing thank yous.  If you haven’t gotten your thank you, it is coming!  I love this picture of Lorax Lodge.  My mom took it as we were getting ready to leave for home after the dedication.  It was such an amazingLorax Lodge Dedication 10-11-09 “cold” day.  I still can’t believe that 74 people came to share in this incredible day.

The Vision is Green

       First of all, I love Earth, the planet that we call home. I have become aware of how much help our planet needs. I believe that everybody must join forces and save the planet that we love. I recently finished an 18 month project that involved building a 100% energy free “Green” Environmental Center for my Girl Scout Gold Award, now proudly named, Lorax Lodge. The center was constructed using a “Compressed Earth Block” (CEB) method of construction. Specifically I used MegablocksTM a creation of EarthCo Building Systems.  The Center is located at Girl Scout Camp Rio Blanco in Crosbyton, Texas and open to all children that live in the Texas South Plains.
       The children that visit Lorax Lodge will be educated about environmental issues; have opportunities for creative hands on activities; and will be exposed to the beautiful nature at Camp Rio Blanco. Everything has been created for a fun child friendly atmosphere. I believe that if we start teaching “Green” concepts at earlier ages all children will start living with the same green attitudes. Who knows, they might end up saving the planet in their own little way and every little effort makes a big difference.

October, 2009